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Preventative Maintenance

Viral, Spiral and Malware Removal

 Computer Performance can be negatively affected by various nasty unwanted intruders including Virii (The plural of Virus), Spyware and Malware. We remove these annoyances and provide methods and training to reduce the impact they can have on your computer.

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Installations & Upgrades

Troubleshooting, Installations and Upgrades

Keeping your system running smoothly and quickly does not happen by itself. Hardware upgrades and software updates occur frequently and we need to keep up with them through regular preventative maintenance. If you aren’t sure if you need an update/upgrade, ask us and we will tell it to you straight.

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Tech Support

Tech Support

Regardless if it is your wireless or Ethernet connection, your Internet Service Provider, your computer running sluggish, crashing or hanging when you shutdown – we’re here for you. We will diagnose and repair your issues either on location at your site or at our office at the simplest request for help.

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